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Quha the manufacturer of quality computer access devices for people with special needs. Quha products have been approved by Student Finance England.

Making Communication Possible for Everyone


Quha Zono enables you to do everything you can with the most accurate desktop mice.

  • Designed for special needs.
  • Makes it possible to use a computer when you cannot use an ordinary mouse with your hands.
  • Translates natural head movements into mouse pointer movements-the mouse pointer follows your head movements.
  • A lightweight device & completely wireless
  • Endless ways to wear it. Quha Zono is used with one of many available mounting accessories.

Headband is an easy way to
wear Quha Zono.

  • It is light and fits comfortably for hours.
  • Adjustable to make it suitable for most users.
  • An ideal alternative when using Zono while resting the head on a pillow or a headrest.
  • Quha Zono is easily attached directly to the Headband, making it very light to wear.
  • The Quha Zono mouse can be charged while attached to the Headband.

Head Mount Kit is a smart way to
wear Quha Zono.

  • Fits comfortably on most users' heads and can be worn for hours.
  • Putting on and removing Quha Zono is easy, comfortable and fast!
  • Head Mount Kit includes a clip to attach
  • Quha Zono to any eyeglasses.

Quha Sento is the world's first
contactless puff switch.

  • Performs a short mouse click or can drag together with the Quha Zono gyroscopic mouse.
  • Mouse clicks are made easily and hygienically with a small puff to the microphone type of mouthpiece.

Quha Kajo Button, sensitive and durable Assistive Technology switch designed for everyday use.

  • Can be used in any situation that requires switch access.
  • Designed to endure hard use and no compromises have been made with the quality of components.
  • Mountable, using the thread inserts in the bottom.

Quha Kajo Button switches have distinctive auditory and tactile feedback.
Available in 25mm (1in) and 50mm (2in).

To place an order for Quha or for more information, call:
+44 (0) 1252 612 806 or email: