Photogrammetry Software

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The most powerful photogrammetry Software


  • Is the state-of-the-art photogrammetry software, which is currently the fastest solution on the market.
  • Software outperforms all existing photogrammetry solutions in speed, accuracy, and mesh quality.
  • It allows a fully automatic combination of laser scans and photos.
  • Is the only software which is able to mix lasers and photos easily without seams and limitations.

What is photogrammetry?

  • Multiple photos of the same object are taken from different angles.
  • The same features seen on images from different angles are used to calculate the position of camera and the 3D shape of the object.

Realitycapture features

  • Automatic 3D model reconstruction of triangular mesh,
  • Advanced coloring and texturing algorithms,
  • Geo-registration into all world coordinate systems,
  • Support for flight logs, GPS in EXIF/XMP, and ground control points,
  • Ortho projections, DSM computation, and export into the recognized standards such as tiff, geotiff,
  • Volume, area, and distance measurements,
  • Creation of geo-referenced maps and digital surface models,
  • 3D model export into standard formats (ply, obj, xyz),
  • A set of tools for analysing alignment quality and accuracy, geo-registration, mesh reconstruction, 3D model post-processing (filtration, simplification, smoothing), etc.

Realitycapture can be used in following ways:

Research and education – There are many possible ways of use in science. For medical purposes all the way to creating 3D model of tiny bacteria. Capturing Reality supports education with tailored licensing models.

Cultural heritage conservation – Producing very detailed, 1:1 real world scale and proportionally correct models which suit as a perfect solution for preserving historical subjects.

Manufacturing and 3D printing – Printing replacement parts easily by scanning the not documented original.

VFX/Game industry – Hyper realistic assets created quickly and optimized well directly in RC using tools as filtering, simplify, smoothing, reprojection tool, clean model, and such. This can be automated with CLI scripting to produce assets fast enough; you produce easy integration in your pipeline.

Surveying and aerial mapping – Using aerial photos and ground control points or PPK flightlog to create an accurate geo-referenced model or a point cloud for mapping purposes. Exporting orthophoto map, DSM/DTM and quality report, as well as any cut/fill measurements. Tools as Map Wizard make the process simple so that even a beginner should be able to get a solid output without too much effort or having a steep learning curve.

Full body scanning and product scans – Best results in fastest time for 3D models created using camera rigs. Using CLI automation and camera registration XMPs to make things even faster and very cost effective.

Accident or crime scene recording – Recording the accident scene with unprecedented fidelity much faster than before. Provide evidence with accurate measurements in the scene. Realistic 3D scenes in VR provide efficient tool for training of forensic officers.

BIM and AEC – Create digital twins of building for planning reconstruction, new installation or for visual inspection of structure defects. The 3D Tiles export allows to use the result in any online inspection tool.

Licensing modes

  • Pay per use model – PPI
  • Price per megapixel of images and per million laser scan points
  • Pay for used inputs at the time of exporting the result
  • No limit on project size, free trial
  • Subscription licensing model and perpetual licenses
  • Monthly and yearly license
  • Perpetual license with maintenance program
  • Offline activation or license floating in online

Hardware Requirements

  • Local processing without size limitation, no cloud needed
  • 64bit PC with at least 8GB of RAM
  • 64bit Microsoft Windows version 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 or Windows Server version 2008+
  • NVIDIA graphics card with CUDA 2.0+ capabilities and 1GB RAM.
  • We recommend using a machine with at least 4 CPU cores, 16GB of RAM and 1024 CUDA cores. If you do not have the NVIDIA card, you will be still able to run the application and register images, you will not be able to create textured mesh.

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