Unlike any other traditional scanners, CZUR ET Smart Book Scanner revolutionizes scanning experience by bringing simple, intelligent, and fast scanning performance. All books, magazines, contracts, and any paper documents within A3 size can be scanned directly without cutting or unbinding at the speed of 1.5s/page. All of your scanned documents can be converted to editable Word, PDF, TIFF and Excel via OCR (Optical Character Recognition) function.

The Innovative Curve Flattening Technology

Patented Flattening Curve-Three laser lines, which are harmless, from the scanner hit and analyse the contours of an open, bound book.

The smart algorithm, combined with accurate laser lines, digitally restores every curved page to perfectly flat books. That means that your most valuable collections can be scanned perfectly and never damage them in the process. Just one step, you can get what you want.

Book Scanners

Spec ET16 Plus ET18 Pro
Camera Resolution: 16 megapixels 18 megapixels
Image Resolution: I4608*3456 4896*3672
Anti-Glare Side Light: Yes Yes
Print Quality - DPI(default): 250 275
PC-Free Scan with WiFi: No Yes
ET 16 Plus - A Book Scanner with More Versatility

Scan up to A3 Format-No Document or Book is Too Big

  • The ET Smart Book Scanner handles whatever document you need to digitalize, even as large as A3 format. Scan exam papers, blueprints, magazines, catalogues, and even large books without a problem.
  • Efficient OCR* Technology. Convert and Edit Scanned Text in a Click. Powered by ABBYY180+ Languages Word/PDF/TIFF
  • Innovative Side Light*Anti-Reflection Solution* Available for the ET16 Plus
  • Patented side lights evenly reveal the whole document for a precise, balanced scan, while eliminating glare from glossy pages, such as certificates, magazines and laminated documents.
  • Multiple operating modes. Flexible functionality for all your projects. Supports Hand Button, Foot Pedal, Scanner Button and Software Button to trigger scanning.
  • The ET Smart Book Scanner reads, analyses and saves a wide and growing range of documents and materials, including books, exam papers, textbooks, contracts, receipts, checks, bills, driver’s licenses, medical records, sketches, blueprints and even art on canvas, without ever augmenting or damaging the original.
Aura: Aura X Pro with built-in battery & Aura Pro Standard Version

Aura: Aura X Pro with built-in battery & Aura Pro Standard Version

  • The Smart, Portable Personal Scanner
  • Unique Design | Solid Unibody Construction | Made of Aluminum | Stylish Metallic Finish | Precise Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
  • The innovative Side Lights efficiently solve the reflection/glare problem when scanning glossy documents/magazines.
  • The magnetic Snap-On design makes it easy to attach/remove the side lights to/from the scanner.
  • Aura X Pro features a 3000mAh Lithium polymer battery, when fully charged, the battery can support the scanner to work for 120 minutes which is equivalent to 3000 pages continuous scanning.
Shine Ultra

A Powerful Book Scanner Makes Scanning As Easy As A Breeze

  • Portable, Height Adjustable, Superb Quality
  • Featuring patented Curve-Flatten technology
  • Shine Ultra's OCR(optical character recognition)engine recognises up to 180+ languages.
  • Helps you to convert the scanned images into editable files in a variety of formats.
Shine Pro: Shine Pro 500 /Shine Pro 800

Shine Pro: Shine Pro 500 /Shine Pro 800

  • The Affordable, Portable Personal Scanner, Versatile
  • Available for Windows & MacOS
  • Shine Pro's OCR(optical character recognition)engine recognises up to 180+ languages.
  • The built-in video recording feature helps you to do more than just scanning.
  • Comes in a full metal coating body with concealed connection port and a foldable design, Shine Pro is stylish and practical.

Professional Scanners

CZUR M3000 Pro

Professional Document Archiving and Book Scanning Solution

  • Two Pages in 1.2s
  • 20MP HD Camera Preserves Real Brilliance
  • OCR-Quickly transfer scanned images into editable Word/PDF/TIFF files in one click via intelligent OCR function. OCR, coming from ABBYY, currently supports 187 languages.
  • Easy to use with multiple operating modes. Supports Hand Button, Foot Pedal, Scanner Button and Software Button to trigger scanning.
  • 32-bit MIPS CPU for High-Speed Scanning
  • The over-head LED screen lets you see the scanning object in real time to avoid any possible scanning errors caused by miss-positioning.
  • A professional overhead book scanner which allows you to digitize book by flipping pages.
  • It scans a single page in 0.75 second!
  • M2030-Pro comes with BookChanger, a dedicated image processing software suit designed for M2030-Pro. It takes care of all the hassles including distortion correct, page extraction, background purification and so on.
  • With ABBYY FineReader engine at its core, BookChanger can convert scanned images that contains text into real text version documents.

Smart Notebooks

Czur Purify Smart Notebook

Capture Every Word You Create and Save Your Precious Memories Forever!

The intelligent scanning and handwriting recognition (OCR) features of the CZUR Purify Smart Notebook will capture every single word on your page, and will then preserve all your brilliant ideas, safely and securely in The Cloud in PDF format, forever.

Of course, you need to ensure your handwriting is legible, to ensure maximum accuracy of the Optical Character Recognition feature.

Reward Bookmarks

Books are Treasures!

Treasure them with a classy bookmark that reminds you of your place, and constantly reminds you of the joys of reading

  • Anodised Aluminium Alloy Body.
  • Built Tough and Striking!
  • Perfect size and weight
  • Light and handy, yet solid and durable