j5create designs high-tech products to meet today's demands and develop inclusive computing solutions that have real significance to your world.

Display Adapters

J5create is the expert in turning your USB port into an external video output or making the video output that you have on your computer match with the screen. Single or dual display, USB 3.0, USB-C, HDMI, VGA or Displayport, a solution is close at hand.

JCC153G USB-C to 4K HDMI Cable

The JCC153G enables you to output high-definition HDMI™ 4K video through a USB-C™ port. The JCC153G cable offers a cost-effective USB-C™ HDMI™ 4K connection saving the expense of upgrading the monitor for compatibility.

  • Easy-to-use cable
  • No software required
  • Compliant with HDMI™ 2.0 specifications 4K at 60 Hz
  • Ideal accessory for MacBook®, tablets, PC's and laptops with a USB-C™ port
  • Cable length: 180cm

JCA379 USB Type-C to HDMI & USB 3.0

The JCA379 USB-C™ HDMI™ & USB™ 3.0 with Power Delivery provides extra connectivity from your computer with 5 Gbps transfer speed and supports 4K HDMI™.

  • USB™ 3.0 SuperSpeed
  • Transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps enabling bulky file backups
  • Backward compatible with USB™ 2.0 and USB™ 1.1 devices
  • Hot-swap! Connect & disconnect without powering down
  • DisplayPort™ Alt Mode for HDMI™ / VGA
  • Supports HDMI™ display with max resolution: 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz

JDA114 DisplayPort to VGA Adapter

The JDA114 DisplayPort™ to VGA adapter allows you to quickly and easily connect your Mac® or PC to an external monitor.

  • Compliant with DisplayPort™ interoperability specification v1.1a offering 1.62 Gbps and 2.7 Gbps
  • Supports resolutions up to 1920 x 1200/1080p @ 60 H
  • Supports full DisplayPort™ link training
  • Ideal accessory for Apple® iMac® or MacBook®

The JDA213 HDMI™

The JDA213 HDMI™ to VGA adapter allows you to connect the HDMI™ output from your laptop, Ultrabook™, desktop, tablet, Blu-ray™, DVD player, digital set-top box, digital camera, video camera, or gaming console equipment to the VGA input of a monitor or projector by converting the HDMI™ video signal from the output device into a VGA output and separate 2-channel analog audio.

  • Easy-to-use cable
  • No software required
  • No power adapter required
  • Easily make your new HDMI™ equipment compatible with a VGA display
  • Supports PC resolutions up to 1920x1200 @ 60 Hz (WUXGA) and HDTV resolutions up to 1080p @ 60 Hz
  • 2-channel analog audio output
  • Reserved Micro USB™ Type-B power input port, giving the JDA213 the ability to be powered separately if there is no HDMI™ output device.
  • HDMI™ receiver compliant with HDMI™ 1.4 specification
  • VGA output is compliant with VESA VSIS v1r2 specification

Meeting Industry

Meetings offline and online are often limited by the technology. Difficult to set up your presentation, share your screen, connect to wifi. The j5create products are made to change this.

USB HD Webcam with 360° Rotation

With the Model: JVCU100, you can enhance your conference calls with live video and audio. The HD camera is plug-and-play, meaning there is no driver installation required. The Model: JVCU100 supports 1080p video playback @ 30 Hz with H.264 streaming format.

  • Built-in Low Light Enhancement with F/2.4 Aperture
  • USB™ plug-and-play
  • High definition 1080p image sensor with wide angle lens
  • Built-in high-fidelity microphone (the microphone is not available for Discord™ on Chromebook™)
  • Standard UVC/ UAC protocol, driver-free
  • Supports Windows®/macOS®/Chrome OS™ systems (Windows® Vista/XP is not supported)
  • Supports H.264 and MJPEG image formats
  • Maximum support 1920 x 1080/30 FPS image resolution
  • Wide Compatibility: Zoom™, Facebook™ Messenger, Skype™, Microsoft® Teams, etc.

Model: JVCU360 360° All Around Webcam

With the Model: JVCU360, you can enhance your conference calls with a 360° view of all participants in the room through video and omnidirectional audio.

  • 360° video conferencing camera
  • Built-in omnidirectional microphone
  • Six display modes deliver exceptional viewing angles with flexibility and versatility
  • Adjustable fields of view
  • Full HD 1080p video playback @ 30 Hz
  • USB™ UVC/UAC plug-and-play
  • Touch bar to specify participants’ location
  • Some applications cause the image to appear reversed. In this situation, you can press and hold the “mode” button for 3 seconds to reverse the image on the screen.

Model: JVCU435 USB™ 4K ULTRA HD Webcam

The Model: JVCU435 is an Ultra HD 4K webcam that offers ePTZ (electronic pan, tilt and 5x zoom) functionality via remote control. It supports 4K video playback @ 30 Hz with several different display modes and wide-angle viewing modes, making it perfect for meetings in large conference rooms and also for single person use, while providing excellent video quality. The Model: JVCU435 is plug-and-play, meaning there is no driver installation required.

  • Built-in low light enhancement (ultra-low illumination 0.05 lux, F/1.6 aperture lens)
  • Includes remote control for 5x digital zoom & ePTZ functionality.
  • Built-in high-fidelity dual microphones
  • Privacy cover
  • Supports H.264 and MJPEG image formats
  • Maximum support 4K/30 FPS & 1080P/30 FPS image resolution
  • High definition 4K image sensor with up to 8 MP capture
  • Compliant with standard UVC 1.0/1.1/1.5 & UAC protocol, driver-free

Docking stations

With the j5create docking stations you transform your laptop into a full-sized workstation. Do you leave it at home or in the office, or do you bring it along wherever you go? Look to j5create for the best solution in docking stations, from the full featured docks that can support up to three screens to the smallest solutions for optimal mobility.

JUD481 USB™ 3.0 Boomerang Docking Station

The JUD481 USB™ 3.0 Boomerang Docking Station enables you to add a second monitor instantly via HDMI™ and VGA connector. When you need to get things done fast, simply connect your monitor, keyboard, mouse, Ethernet, speakers, microphone, etc. to your laptop with a single USB™ 3.0 cable. It is the perfect solution for expanding virtually any laptop into a full-sized workstation.

  • Full 1080p resolution
  • USB™ 3.0 charging connection x2
  • Gigabit Ethernet connection
  • VGA connection
  • Audio connection
  • Microphone connection
  • HDMI™ connection
  • USB™ 3.0 connection x2
  • Use up to 6 adapters with Windows®
  • Use up to 4 adapters with Mac®
  • Solid aluminium construction
  • Simple, easy to use and install

USB-C™ Multi-Display Modular Dock

The award-winning USB-C™ Multi-Display Modular Dock is a versatile mini docking station featuring 5 detachable magnetic kits along with the main body for 12 combinations of configurations for video, data storage and charging. With the JCD389, you can easily create a triple display setup from your MacBook Pro®.

12 Combinations for 11-in-1 Functions:

Each module can work separately as a stand-alone mini adapter or be magnetically attached to the main body for use together

5 Magnetic Kits:

  1. USB-C™ to HDMI™ with resolutions up to 3840 x 2106 @ 60 Hz
  2. USB-C™ to mini-DisplayPort™ with resolutions up to 3840 x 2160 @ 60 Hz
  3. USB-C™ to VGA with resolutions up to 1920 x 1080 @ 60 Hz
  4. USB-C™ to Gigabit Ethernet
  5. USB-C™ to SD™/microSD™ 3.0 memory card reader/writer slots for external memory cards up to 2 TB

*There are more docking stations in the range-please contact us for more details: 01252 612 806 or email: orders-eu@dstewart.eu

USB Hubs

It is as if you never have enough USB ports. Connect all your devices on USB-C or on USB-A with the high-quality hubs from j5create. Is it a hub, is it a dock? Just depends on your needs, j5create has them all.

JCH451 USB-C 3.1 3-Port USB 3.0 Hub & 4K HDMI

The USB-C™ 3.1 3-Port USB™ 3.0 Hub provides extra connectivity from your computer.

  • 3-port USB™ Type-A 3.0 SuperSpeed, backward compatible with USB™ 2.0
  • Supports HDMI™ display at a max resolution of 3840 x 2160 @ 30 Hz
  • USB™ Micro B port ensures maximum performance if you are using a high-powered USB™ device
  • Plug-and-play
  • No software or drivers required
  • Aluminium housing


What is a laptop, tablet, smartphone without a good charger? J5create has the right charger product whether it is wall, car, wireless or stand based.

JUP50 40W 5-Port USB Super Charger

The JUP50 40W 5-Port USB™ Super Charger is equipped with intelligent identification technology, which detects your devices to deliver its fastest and safest possible charge.

  • Charger intelligently identifies each connected device and supplies reliable power
  • 5-Port 40W/8A for faster charging of 5 devices simultaneously
  • 2.4A super charging ports are compatible with Android™, Apple™ and other devices
  • Compact for on-the-go

JUP4263 63W PD USB 4-Port PD Super Charger

The USB-C™ port is equipped with Power Delivery 3.0/2.0 and QC™ 4.0/3.0/2.0 technology to charge your device at the fastest speed possible.

  • 1 USB-C™ port provides up to 45W output (compatible with Apple® MacBook® and iPhone®); PD 3.0/2.0 and QC™ 4.0/3.0/2.0 technology
  • 3 USB™ Type-A fast charging ports (max 2.4A). Quick Charge™ available when using 1 port (18W)
  • 4-port, 63W for charging 4 devices simultaneously
  • Built-in intelligent IC to automatically identify devices
  • Surge protection, overcharging protection, overcurrent and overheating protection to ensure safe charging
  • LED charging status indicator
  • Green Light: Power Delivery/Quick Charge™ Mode
  • Blue Light: 5V Fast Charging Mode

*There are more chargers in the range-please contact us for more details: Call 01252 612 806 or email: orders-eu@dstewart.eu


Need to get on the net, but no ethernet adapter in place. The j5create ethernet adapters connect you, wired or wireless. Even a full RDP client will connect you if you are in a corporate environment.

JUE130 USB™ 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

The JUE130 USB™ 3.0 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter is a simple, one-piece external adapter that plugs into the USB™ port on your Ultrabook™ or MacBook®. It is the ultimate solution if you do not have an Ethernet port or if you just want to increase your connection speed.

The elegantly designed JUE130 uses an RJ-45 connector that supports 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet performance and allows you to add networking capabilities to a computer without them through a Wireless LAN connection.

JUE230 Dual USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Sharing Adapter

The JUE230 Dual USB 3.0 to Gigabit Ethernet Sharing Adapter is an innovative adapter that allows users to share a Gigabit Ethernet connection between two devices. Both Mac and Windows are supported. This device is perfect for anyone who needs a quick and easy Ethernet connection on multiple devices. With no external power needed, the JUE230 is perfect for anyone who needs an Ethernet connection on-the-go.

*There are more networking devices in the range in, please contact us for more details: Call 01252 612 806 or email: orders-eu@dstewart.eu

To place an order or for more information, call +44 (0) 1252 612 806 or email: orders-eu@dstewart.eu