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Connect the world to your computer!

The Makey Makey has been developed to help people see themselves as inventors - to enable anyone to pick up a bushel of bananas or an ear of corn and make an instrument, tell a story, play a game, or create something entirely new.

Makey Makey transforms everyday objects into touchpads empowering students to interact with computers as creative tools. Building circuits means the computer becomes an extension of student creativity, fostering imaginative play and discovery.

Makey Makey want to get kids across the world making inventions with everyday stuff, all while learning more about coding, creativity, and playful learning.

Educators across the world (in over 30 countries) are using Makey Makey to teach engineering, design thinking and making. Teachers, librarians, and their students are inventing, coding, and creating with Makey Makey without any previous experience. Thousands of projects and lesson plans are available.

Craft & Code

Everyday materials like playdough or graphite pencils allow students to make and design their own controllers.
Supermarket Circuits

Is a banana conductive?

The world is full of conductive objects & materials. Make musical circuits with liquids, fruits, and low-cost office supplies.
Build Sensors

Students can make their own sensors using foil, pennies, and paper clips, just like scientists do.

To place an order for Makey Makey or for more information, call: 01252 612 806 or