MindManager 2021 for Windows simplifies the way you process and manage information, by turning scattered ideas and data into clear visual maps that are easy to build, organize, evolve and share.

Work faster. Work better. Work connected.

MindManager Window Version 21

Powerful visualization tools and mind mapping software

  • Create beautiful interactive maps, charts & diagrams
  • Process & organize information more effectively
  • Bring structure and clarity to plans & projects
  • See the big picture and little details in one view

Bring clarity and structure to plans, projects, and processes

Powerful visualization tools and mind mapping software that take you and your organization to where you want to be.

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A central & visual tool for better organisation and efficiency in the education sector

MindManager is a proven tool for use in the classroom and can help with:

  • Brainstorming
  • Note-taking
  • Structuring information
  • Capturing knowledge
  • Problem solving
  • Planning projects and tasks
  • Researching and consolidating information from multiple sources
  • Presenting information
  • Gaining insight on complex subjects

Licensing Options and Who Qualifies:

Education Individual Single Licenses

With seamless Microsoft Office integration, MindManager works with commonly used programs and makes it a great tool for students and teachers.

Education Site Licences

Available as perpetual licences for primary and secondary schools and as annual subscriptions for Colleges, Universities and non-profit organisations. They entitle the institution to install MindManager on all machines within the institution and offer faculty and students who are enrolled in that EDU institution home use rights. University site licence bands are based on JISC bandings.

Note: All customers must be located in the United Kingdom

MindManager Enterprise for teams and enterprises of 5+:

MindManager Enterprise gives teams of 5+ all the benefits of the single user MindManager software, plus a uniquely powerful set of tools specifically designed to foster alignment, increase productivity and drive projects forward. It also offers procurement and IT departments a streamlined, supported, cost effective way to equip both MindManager users and the entire organization for efficiency and success.

To place an order for MindManager or for more information, call: +44 (0) 1252 612 806 or email: orders-eu@dstewart.eu