Neo Smartpen RECO

  • The World’s First Intuitive Voice Recorder
  • RECO is the voice recorder that keeps track of the notes written on paper.
  • RECO will change the shape of your classes and meetings.
  • You can bookmark your favourite video or website links with InkLink.
  • Simply download the software on your PC and connect it to Neo Smartpen.
  • Take notes on your digital notebook while watching a video or visiting a web page.
  • Tap your notes to replay specific parts of the video you've watched or open the websites you've visited.
  • The links are saved in your notes. Now you can easily find the information you wanted to remember.

Neo Smartpen dimo

Your First Smartpen

  • Digitize your Notes - The Neo Smartpen Dimo has an internal camera that captures your handwritten texts and converts them to digital documents when the pen syncs with Neo Studio app.
  • Longevity - The battery lasts a month when the pen is used for an hour a day.
  • Write and Sync – The digital pen has 2MB (saves up to 3 sheets of A4 size) of internal storage so you can transfer your stored handwriting data at a later time.
  • Compatibility - Dimo is compatible with Neo Studio app and you can export your handwritten notes to various formats and share them on social media and email. However dimo does not sync with Google Calendar, ical and outlook.
  • Replaceable Ink Cartridge - The Neo Smartpen uses Standard D1-Type pen tip, and you can always replace it with D1 refills. Please check NeoLAB's page for the full list of compatible ink refills.

Neo Smartpen M1+

  • Digitize Your Handwriting
  • Neo Smartpen M1+
  • Digitize your precious doodles, formulas, shapes, drawings and ideas you wrote on paper.
  • M1+ Has an Extended Battery Life
  • The battery efficiency is increased which allows you to use the pen for a longer time.
  • You can focus more on your writing.

Neo Smartpen M1

Creative Digital Writing Instrument

  • Our thinner yet smarter, M1 smartpen features shock-resistant body, and provides comfortable grip and smooth writing experience.
  • Creative Digital Writing Instrument.
  • Neo Smartpen M1 is similar to ordinary pens in terms of the size and weight.
  • It still provides the same features of the previous Neo Smartpens.
  • A Smaller Yet Smarter Pen.

How can we make a smart pen similar to an ordinary pen?

  • Neo smartpen M1 was designed and created to solve the question.
  • The thinnest and lightest Smartpen
  • Neo Smartpen M1 has a thinner and lighter body.
  • The cylinder-shaped body case provides comfortable grip and smooth writing experience.

Neo Smartpen N2

Creative Digital Writing Instrument

  • From Analog to Digital. Two Worlds in One Pen.
  • Digitally Visualize Your Ideas on Paper
  • Neo smartpen N2 is designed to write like a conventional pen.
  • N2 provides the combination of traditional writing experience and digital convenience.

N2 Technology

  • Dual Bluetooth
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE (Low Energy), also known as Bluetooth Smart, is the newest version of Bluetooth.
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE not only consumes less energy, but offers dual-mode that supports classic Bluetooth operation.
  • With Bluetooth 4.0, you can enjoy faster connection with your smart devices and longer use of N2.

N2 Design

  • Ergonomic Design
  • The design of Neo smartpen N2 delivers comfortable and seamless writing experience.
  • N2's ergonomic design feels comfortable in your hands, just like normal pens.
  • The auto on/off feature provides a more convenient writing experience.

Digital Paper

  • We have a wide range of Digital Paper, including pocket notebooks, A4 paper pads, and stylish journals.
  • Every Digital Paper features NCodeTM technology that allows users to share their notes via email, directly from the page.

NCode on Digital Paper

  • NCode is imprinted in the pages of Digital Paper and allows Neo Smartpen to trace your handwriting.
  • See our list of Digital Paper here or visit our online store to purchase more notebooks.

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