Newline leads the way in interactive technology.

Our challenge is to provide the best products, services, and solutions fit for the modern workspaces, schools, and corporations. At Newline Interactive, we create state-of-the-art solutions easy to use for everyone.

Our vision, your future. Get the most out of now.

Newline sparks passion for learning

Newline Interactive makes it easier for educators to keep students interested and make them participate actively during the class.

Cultivate whole-class engagement

Newline offers solutions for everyone, from primary to higher education. Transform your teaching to improve their learning.

Work with your favourite software

Newline’s interactive displays help you work your way. The non-proprietary nature of Newline touchscreen allows teachers and students to install any software, use the familiar Windows interface, open Office files, or any of the infinite resources available for education.

Hassle-free multi-touch display

A collaborative experience that let students interact using a stylus or their fingers. The responsive display allows multiple students to touch and draw at the same time, lag-free.


  • Multi-touch
  • More than one student can interact at the same time
  • Easy to use
  • Easy and intuitive to use, same use as a regular whiteboard
  • Save and share the content
  • At the end of the class, send and share the material to the students
  • More variety of resources
  • Different stylus colors, size, etc. More options than the traditional whiteboard

"You bring your passion to teach.
Newline gets your students excited to learn".

Solutions for Education
Newline Display

RS +

Let the versatile 4K UHD interactive display bring more collaboration and engagement to your classroom. Use the digital whiteboard, your favourite software and share content in a single touch.

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Designed for classrooms, ATLAS integrates essential teaching tools and wireless casting capabilities to encourage students to participate, interact with each other and learn proactively.

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Immerse yourself in outstanding interactivity collaboration for any workspace, from huddle room to large meeting room.

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