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EduLink One provides an integrated school platform drawing together data from a range of existing services within your school. With an engaging and informative user interface it allows teachers, parents and students to easily communicate, share and access information in one place.

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Key Benefits

Integrates with

EduLink One integrates with a wide range of systems, with more third party systems being added regularly.

Hosting & Data Security

Edulink One can be either Cloud hosted or hosted within the school's infrastructure. Irrespective of your hosting preference, all data is encrypted and secured using the most up to date TLS 1.2 secure encryption technology.
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"With EduLink One, we can deliver on our school's ambition to improve insight on student performance, make communication more effective and maximise whole-school engagement. Because everything is integrated within one platform, we save money too!"
Darren Jones, ICT Manager, Uckfield Community Technology College

"Parental and student engagement is an important mission of Hornsea School, a school with 1,100 students on roll. For Rob this has meant implementing effective measures for real time reporting, as well as messaging. Rob explains why they chose EduLink One as their preferred tool for ensuring student and parent participation is maximised."
Rob Coles, Network Manager, Hornsea School and Language College

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