Introducing the new Padcaster Studio...
Transform your iPad® into an all-in-one mobile production suite

Padcaster Studio is Padcaster's most comprehensive solution yet, they have added even more tools for film makers on the go. The new studio makes life easier, allowing users to focus less equipment and more on creating.

All the key features of the product remain, with some great new add-ons, which take the quality of video creation to the next level.

The entire Studio is built around the Padcaster Case, the most rugged, versatile and secure iPad support of its kind.

Included in the Studio's comprehensive ecosystem are an extensive array of audio and video accessories to cover almost any filmmaking situation:

Padcaster Case

Padcaster Unidirectional Kit

Padcaster Stick Microphone Kit

Padcaster Lavalier Microphone Kit

Padcaster Dual Microphone/Headphone splitter

Padcaster Stereo Headphones

Padcaster Wide Angle/Macro Lens

Padcaster Telephoto Lens

Padcaster Fluid Head/Tripod Monpod

Padcaster Dolly Wheels

Padcaster Teleprompter

Padcaster Supershade

Padcaster Camera Backpack

Padcaster Green Screen

Padcaster Led Light

Padcaster is the ideal resource for all filming needs, in schools, businesses and for film makers and journalists. All the essential components of Padcaster Studio are designed for maximum mobility, so you can grab your gear, assemble it on-the-fly and keep on moving.


Introducing the Padcaster® Verse™

Create a mobile powerhouse with any Smart Phone with Padcaster® Verse™

Padcaster® Verse™ turns any smartphone into a professional-grade mobile production studio. Move quickly from shot to shot, livestream from the field, or create amazing content whenever and wherever inspiration hits.

Key features include

  • Rugged frame ensures the iPhone, Android or small tablet stays safe.
  • Combo mini-tripod, grip & charger steadies every shot and keeps the cameras rolling.
  • Mini-mic cuts through the noise.
  • Flexible G-POD wraps around anything so it's always possible to get your shot.
  • 3 on-frame threads secure lights and other accessories.
  • Seamless integration with pro-filmmaking and livestreaming apps.

Verse is the perfect solution for filmmakers, video bloggers, mobile journalists, students and teachers and businesses.

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