Increase Engagement

Use Pivo Present with Auto Tracking to step away from your laptop and give demonstrations you would if you were together in person. Its is ideal for use in the classroom or remote learning. It has the following features:

  • Three Tracking modes (Face, Body, Action)
  • Four Present modes (Widget, Split, Browser only, Camera Only)
  • Use Pivo Present with your favourite third-party platforms.

Improve Productivity

The Pivo App Suite gives educators a powerful solution to take videos, presentations, creative photos and make virtual tours all with a smart pod.

Immersive Experiences

Take students on a virtual field trip with Pivo Tour. A picture is worth a thousand words, but imagine what a 360 degree virtual tour could say!

Foster Creativity

12 Quick create modes are available so you can let your imagination run wild! Capture exciting videos and photos without editing skills.

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