Meet Cubetto. The easiest way to bring coding to life in your early years classroom

Cubetto is a Montessori-inspired, friendly wooden robot that teaches children age 3+ computational thinking through hands on play. 20,000+ educators and parents in 90+ countries use Cubetto to introduce coding in Montessori kindergartens, primary schools, early learning centers, homeschooling, SEN classrooms, after-school programs, public libraries and community centers.


Cubetto: Screenless, friendly and ready to play.


Coding Blocks: A coding language you can touch and manipulate like LEGO®. Each block is an action. Combine them to create programs.

Control Board: Place the blocks on the board to tell Cubetto where to go. Hit the blue button and Cubetto executes your very first program.

Maps: Expand learning with world maps, educational storybook and challenges that take your pupils on epic coding adventures.

Take Cubetto to a whole new level. Our logic pack enables
more advanced sequencing with our random and negation
blocks and our directional pack's backward block opens
up a host of new combinations.

Why Cubetto?


Coding without the screen
Cubetto turns coding into a tangible, age-appropriate experience that reduces screen-time, increases engagement, and enhances learning.

Inclusive & gender neutral
Coding with Cubetto happens with hands-on coding blocks, which means children can use it irrespective of reading ability or language barriers.

More learning and play, less prep
Cubetto works out of the box, with little to no prep or prior experience required to teach with it. As fun for educators as it is for students.

Pre-written lesson plans
Developed by Educators, for Educators, our plans keep the prep to a minimum and enable you to teach stellar cross-curricular lessons which build solid computational-thinking foundations.

"The tactile nature of the programming interface is lovely, as is being able to see it and edit the program directly - my 6 old loves it"

Miles Berry
Principal Lecturer in Computing - Education, University of Roehampton

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