Fun ways to learn music theory & musicianship

Music theory software, suitable for students of all ages and levels. Become an expert at reading sheet music, recognising time signatures, notating rhythms, understanding intervals, matching keys signatures and more.

The best music theory software

  • Huge depth of content - Complete with 38 topics, Musition is the ultimate music theory tuition tool. View Topics
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  • Easy to use for all ages - Designed for students of all ages and abilities, Musition's clean and simple interface makes it perfect for young kids through to uni students and adults. Tour Musition

Why learn music theory

Even if you 'play by ear', music theory will help you understand what other musicians are playing, increasing your awareness of their melodic, rhythmic and harmonic language.

Regardless of your musical style, classical, jazz or contemporary, the music theory exercises in Musition will help you reinforce and expand your knowledge, making you a better musician.

What you'll learn:

  • Read and write music
  • Understand scale and chord structures
  • Improve your sense of rhythm
  • Understand instrument keys and transposition
  • Comprehend musical terms and symbols

Ear training with real music

With 43 topics and endless customisation Auralia is the most comprehensive ear training software available.

All the fundamentals are covered; pitch, intervals, chords, scales, tuning and rhythm. Progress through cadences, rhythm dictation, harmony, jazz progressions and melodic transcription!

The most comprehensive ear training

  • Huge depth of content - Each of the 43 topics has carefully graded levels, allowing you to easily use Auralia with beginner through advanced students. View Topic
  • Perfect for classroom use - Sophisticated tracking allows users to easily monitor and assess your students. Set tasks and assignments and even run exams. Assessing Work
  • Easy to use for all ages - People have always loved Auralia's clean and elegant interface, designed to keep students focused on the essential ear training task. Tour Auralia

Benefits of Ear Training

A well-developed ear is essential for musicians of all levels. In developing the skills to imitate, compare, sing, identify and transcribe various musical elements, our overall musical skills are enhanced.

The exercises in Auralia are perfect for all developing musicians, from beginners to advanced students. Its easy-to-use interface makes it the perfect way to introduce music ear training to people of all ages. Auralia is suitable for classical, jazz and contemporary musicians of any age and ability!

Ear training will help you

  • Identify chords in your favourite songs
  • Play more in tune
  • Transcribe solos and improve your improvising
  • Play by ear
  • Improve your solo and ensemble performances
  • Sight sing with ease