Skoog is an accessible musical instrument. A revolutionary tactile cube that will change the way you and your family enjoy, create and learn music. It's a powerful, fun music interface for iPad that opens up a world of 'musicplay' to everyone, including those with disabilities.

Whatever your skills, abilities and musical talents, the universal design enables accessible, expressive music making for children, parents, teachers, musicians and families.

From the moment you lay eyes on Skoog you'll want to play it. Whether you tap it, twist it or squeeze it, the Skoog senses your touch and cleverly interprets your every move to make beautiful sound. Adjustable sensitivity means that you can play Skoog intuitively with any part of your body: hands, elbows, knees or head. With Skoog, the possibilities are endless.

Lightweight and portable, it's easy to set up and use. Connecting via Bluetooth LE or USB, the Skoog comes with its own free App or can be used as a controller for other MIDI compatible music Apps.

You can jam with your favourite tracks instantly with Skoog. The App integrates with your iTunes media library or music streaming service and automatically tunes your Skoog so you can play with the music you love. This is musicplay - no experience necessary just choose a song and get playing.

Creative and fun, with Skoog you play-to-learn. That's what musicplay is all about.

Key Features

  • Skoog connects wirelessly to iPad using the Skoog App (free from the App Store on iTunes)
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • iTunes integration
  • Play GarageBand instruments using the dynamic touch interface
  • Tactile, intuitive and robust


  • Learning, playing or creating music using an accessible interface on your iPad or Mac - whether you're a beginner or a pro
  • Inclusive music making at home on stage or in the classroom
  • Enabling younger users to get musically creative
  • Suitable for MLD, SLD and PMD, children with global delay, genetic conditions such as Down's Syndrome, sensory impairments, physical/medical problems and those with Autism

Skoog Education Resources Pack

Skoog education resources are intended to help you get the most out of your Skoogs. Whether you want to able to successfully use Skoog as an education tool or simply to get your pupils to explore the realms of musicality, Skoog educational resources will help you meet the needs of your classes.

Every resource is aimed at doing one of three things: using Skoog as a cross-curricular tool, using Skoog as an expressive arts tool and using Skoog as a musical instrument.

The education resources are included free of charge with any purchase of Skoog 2.0.

ii-Music is a new musical instrument for eyegaze, designed to be played with your eyes.

It operates using cursor position and "dwell to click", meaning that you can use it with almost any cursor control-based system, including head-trackers. No need to read music or memorise scales to give this a go — all you need is a love of music.

The software is also compatible with Skoog, so you can also use it to enhance your performance by changing notes or adding effects on the fly.

ii-music Features

  • Control a cursor-controlled instrument or use with a Skoog.
  • 10+ physical modelling instruments.
  • Digital effects — fuzz, echo, phaser, reverb.
  • Built-in effects presets.
  • Record your performance.
  • Adjustable notes and scales.
  • Customisable sensitivity and user settings.
  • Guided Access restricts access to settings for playing focus.
  • Also compatible with Skoog hardware.